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ACG shoes, the most classic shoes are Nike, Terra, Sertig. This type of shoes a set of lightweight, breathable and shock in a Nike Air Max Terra Sertig new, the whole system with white waterproof nylon material as base material, collocation of gold and black nubuck leather materials crafted, toe, tongue and shoe body side of the small red NIKE trademark you can see the brand in any angle, and the towering uppers with full palm red sole Air Max 360 technology is to provide more meticulous protection for the wearer and dazzling feeling. This section is now on sale at Oneness for $170, and a favorite friend can take care of it. 2012-9-25 10:13 upload and download attachments (157.74 KB) 2012-9-25 upload and download attachments at 10:13 (157.35, KB) following the introduction of Nike silver, cool black version of the Nike Air Max 97 Hyperfuse, this time again launched the full red version of Air Max97 Hyperfuse new color. Classic Air Max 97 shoes for Hyperfuse material uppers, use red color on the overall color, even in the bottom are the use of red color, although some single, but the upper stream lines are still clear and very texture. The red Air Max 97 is priced at $150, is now available for sale at Oneness, love friends do not miss. 2012-10-10 08:58 upload and download attachments (183.72 KB) Russell Westbrook in today's game against the 76ers game foot new air jordan XXX PE, in the whole black and white ash into the blue was quite brisk, the low-key but not losing highlights. And the victory of the game is for the thunder locked playoff, Westbrook performance is still extremely unpopular, the game with 20 points and 15 rebounds, 10 assists and three pairs of performance, it is worth mentioning is this is he of the season 13th three double. source: solecollectorTheo Dora & Kelly 's ( Theodora & Callum ) is New York in 2011 the new Jin red accessories brand. Theo Dora & Kelly 's ( Theodora & Callum ) first appeared in 2010 September, in summer 2011 New York fashion week. Theo Dora & Kelly 's ( Theodora & Callum ) brand called T&C, Dora & Theo Keller 's ( Theodora & Callum ) brand from the brand the two founders Stefani Greenfield and Desiree Gruber daughter 's son's name. Founder Stefani Greenfield is New York fashion shop SCOOP NYC founder, often influenced by fashion and commercial TV invited as guests, New York fashion circles celebrity. Co-founder Desi Cheap jordans online ree Gruber is the entertainment world famous producer.Theo Dora & Kelly 's ( Theodora & Callum ) brand has a strong personal style. Due to the two founders love side travel around the world, while collecting beautiful things, they from each trip to obtain fresh inspiration, Morocco, Bali Island, Turkey, India, the mediterranean ... ... Theo Dora & Kelly 's ( Theodora & Callum ) brand design, no matter is a silk scarf, jewelry, shoes and bags, has a unique fresh ethnic customs, but also full of modern sense. Let people see 60~70 time in Europe and the United States of America society " Jet-setter " that Showtime joy holiday mood. Theo Dora & Kelly 's ( Theodora & Callum ) brand on every kind of exotic style to explain, no blunt chisel marks, then a fine print scarves, both a printing platform sandals, a handbag, seems to have not been designer, is a far from nowhere islands to be excavated, is so natural, harmonious, fresh, out of the ordinary.In particular, Theo Dora & Kelly 's ( Theodora & Callum ) brand footwear and handbag production, by Stuart Weitzman ( Stuart Weitzman ), not only with Stuart Weitzman ( Stuart Weitzman ) brand of high quality, integration of the Dora & Theo Keller 's ( Theodora & Callum ) unique brand of printing design, with the fear of time and the eternal charm, impressive.Theo Dora & Kelly 's ( Theodora & Callum ) brand founder Stefani Greenfield said: we think Theo Dora & Kelly 's ( Theodora & Callum ) is a " creative factory ". There is no current hot trend of the chase, we design each series are we willing to wear and wish to share. The brand extends is no limit, which is why we will use our children to name the brand the reason, for children, every day is a new journey.Theo Dora & Kelly 's ( Theodora & Callum ) brand archives:Chinese Name: Dora & Theo Keller TomEnglish Name: Theodora & Callum, abbreviation: T&CCountry: USACreated by: Stefani Greenfield and Desiree GruberCreate time: in the spring of 2011Products: silk scarf, jewelry, shoes, bagsDesign style: Europe and the United States 60~70 's " Jet-setter " style society : this year is Vans's high-end branch Vans Vault release 10th anniversary, in order to celebrate this important moment, Vans also recently held a special celebration of 10th anniversary. In addition, Vans Vault will also be in charge of this month for the first time teamed up with the Nishiyama Tetsu brand WTAPS, launch Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ed a series of branded footwear. This series has also exposed earlier this year, today small as we bring the WTAPS x Vans Vault's new fall 2013 joint series of tours, the series contains Sk8-Hi, Chukka and Slip-On type of shoes, the color is still the continuation of the design route of WTAPS simple but highly trendy, worth look forward to! famous skateboarder Koston left Lakai and Eric absolute is a major event in the shoe fans eagerly looking forward to joining the Nike team SB Eric Koston; because I believe that personal color shoes launched sooner or later. Coincidentally, there are Eric Koston personal color shoes Dunk Low SB photos out, and with the exposure of the other SB series of shoes including Dunks, Blazers, and Bruins; and Omar Salazar Pro together with Model appeared again. So take a look at all this exposure of the shoes series..Jordan Brand will be in again this week to launch a Air Jordan 4 Retro exclusive version with girls. Color and the earlier launch of the air jordan 1 using the same vivid pink color, but only in lining, insole, shoe back and tongue, shoe body by denim fabric show "dark Obsidian" color. Shoes will be officially on sale in January 16th, priced at 999 yuan. welcome to pay attention to get micro signal (WeChat search getdunkhome), every day there is an unexpected surprise oh! source: nike& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] November 15 - to 2014 fiscal second quarter on September 30, the Asics & quot; target = & quot; _blank & quot; & gt ; Asics announced sales revenue of 1.84 billion euros (265 billion yen). The Japanese sporting goods manufacturer decided this fiscal year in the use of natural, and therefore the financial year end date moved to December 31, 2014. The company did not provide comparative data for the same period of the previous year. Asics Ads & quot; alt = & quot; Asics Ads & quot; src = & quot; http: //" / & gt; Asics recorded a second quarter operating profit of 229 million euros. The Japanese sporting goods manufacturer in Japan, operating income amounted to 327 million euros, while overseas sales climbed to 1.7 billion euros. Especially in Europe turnover soared to 573 million euros. In addition, Asics is still Germany opened a new European logistics center. Asics's first store recently in Hamburg, Germany of cheap air jordans ficially open for business, this concept store area of ??nearly 1,000 square meters, is currently sold only run products. Brand will open its first store in France in March next year in Paris, Amsterdam street. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: baby Ah shoes & nbsp; elevator shoes Jin Chang)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Now, whether the Internet or in the real world, product managers are racking their brains, want to maximize inspire and touch the user's psychological pain points - And compared to past customers, and now people are clearly more demanding, less patient and more choices. Nike achieved great success is how? Create what "JUST DO IT" myth trick is? For what kind of products and marketing strategy to be successful, it is usually either addicted to digital models, or into occultism ...... in the "cultural strategy: Innovation ideological construct unique culture brand," a book, two a marketing scholar Douglas Holt and Douglas Cameron's opinion, but added there is provided a search of the magic weapon of mass consumption trends for professionals - they call this cultural strategy with "dream." Holt and Cameron's core research are: 1, abandon the conventional way of thinking engineers, technicians, and no longer will promote "best mousetrap" As the only center of their marketing; 2, successful brand must meet the needs of the ideological field, advocates of these brands must be submitted to grasp the social and historical changes in the ideological field generated by the opportunities - in short, the only way they to "dream" success. Nike is how to find successful cultural password? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1971, the Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman sold their first pair of Nike running shoes. 10 years later, the brand's sales reached $ 458 million; and over 20 years, their sales reached $ 3 billion. In 2009, "Business Week" will rank as the world's most valuable brand of Nike in the first 26, the brand valuation of more than 13 billion US dollars. Why do consumers believe that the value of Nike's so high many experts Nike as "the best mousetrap" model? - It that it designed and manufactured the best shoes. But this argument does not fit the facts: the prestigious technological innovation Nike shoe companies far more than one, but not the brand's market success with its synchronization. In the "cultural strategy" a book, its authors and Douglas Cameron Douglas Holt its success summed up as: "The win in the culture of innovation rather than product innovation Nike expressed great success." Nike sneakers design does too important contribution to technological innovation, but it occurs only in the initial stage of the company. 1960s, a number of companies have the ability to try new material first and medical science for the design and production of sports shoes, this is the "best mousetrap" phase of such products - These products are mainly aimed at professional athletes and very serious amateur athletes. Nike running shoes developed innovative new fibers and soles, and at all costs to make the Japanese company manufactured. These companies indulge in a lot of advanced technology, in fact, the only keep a close eye on the new design is the athlete population, even a minor feature enhancements are important to them - these people became Nike and several other shoe companies fanaticism fans. For ordinary consumers, these subtle technical differences not matter. Over the past decade, these companies are relying on star athletes boast performance, so that the average consumer only create more tired. Nike this time the situation was "cultural strategy" a book called the cultural divide (cultural chasm). By designing a more high performance shoes to meet the specific needs of athletes, Nike established the status of an influential subculture in runners. But the core of this strategy for those who are not athletes consumers who do not work, and these consumers are in the vast majority of the market. Nike how to cross that gap? This requires a culture of innovation, not product innovation, so that the performance of the Nike consumer groups for meaningful than athletes. Nike innovative marketing strategies based on culture, or a product of the development of cultural strategy for the consumer dreams, you need to understand the historical background of the 20th Century 1970s, the US economy has entered a period of stagflation - previous gold for 25 years, creating a social contract the American dream began to collapse. Originally, American's favorite sport is basketball, football sports such groups. However, in the late 1970s, one of sport's most individualistic - Running sudden popularity Nike founder who believe that this is not a temporary boom, successful runners have against authoritarianism sensitivity, the addition of a group project, also fell into the trap of various institutionalized. Runners who ran alone, one person alone bear full responsibility for their own success or failure. This ideology - they call personal struggle will, will become the ideological basis for the Nike brand. Next, Nike produced a series of advertising no longer based on athletics sports stars to win the game as the lead story, but one unknown runners personal stories, the advertising slogan used was "not the end of the runway" These commercials is a new cultural code of the original excavation. Nike will this cultural password has developed into a way of appealing to convey the indomitable will of the individual ideology - the final, in 1979, Nike's sales of more than Adidas, the other running shoes innovators who was he He flung far behind. Nike is not no in between inertia returned to the "better mousetrap" logic. To promote outside jogging shoes category, in 1985, Nike and Michael Jordan signed endorsement contracts, took pains to design a unique Jordan shoes - which led to its cultural strategy broken. By 1984, Nike has maintained a 44% annual growth rate is over five years, while profits in 1983 and 1985 dropped by more than 80%. By 1987, Reebok sales of $ 1.4 billion to more than $ 900 million in annual sales Nike. "JUST DO IT" is how the birth of the myth? Period in jogging shoes, Nike also do not realize that the term should be used to express cultural strategy until 1988, Vuitton Kennedy advertising agency to become Nike's advertising agency, together they Development of a novel potent cultural expression, is "Just Do It". From the 1980s until today, several global economic collapse, affecting most industries, large enterprises have been merged or closed down. Americans discovered that she was in a greater risk, more difficult and unsafe work situation - they need to start a new cultural expressions. To address this opportunity, Vuitton Kennedy from the most unexpected places to start excavation, which is African-American slum. Nike touched was the most important issue of social inequality, most companies in the market are avoided when doing this, not to mention a manufacturer of sports shoes companies. In the 1980s, the United States, urban slums is America's most troublesome, the most shameful place. These neighborhoods are mainly composed of African Americans. Slums are considered the country's most harsh living environment, family fragmentation, gangs breed, racist police, the same school like a prison - this is a ruthless world, the only way to earn a living is the personal indomitable will and street artful. Only sport is the exception, Nike's myth inspired a strong resonance Americans. It tells people, sport provides an equal competitive place, which allows the bottom to get rid of people through competition harsh living conditions. Obtained from the slums road sport success of African American people in a way that the most profound impact on the performance of the new American dream. Although Nike's star Michael Jordan is a middle-class families with children from growing up - but his image in the ad, suggesting he struggled out of poverty through the world. As for the real Jordan is from the slums, it has been irrelevant. This story by the media about so many times, so that in American culture imagination, all black athletes come from the slums, and tireless determination to them from the world of reason. Nike over the next decade, one after another advertisement, convey deep inside Jordan is the mental state, so Americans can find power from the will of Jordan's personal struggle. They also adopted the Tiger Woods story, their products will be extended to sports such as golf upper middle class - even though Tiger Woods only a quarter of African descent, nor is it in the streets of the ghetto mess out of the poor children, But the myth of the fabricated using the ideological prejudices. Also, Nike will this myth overcome social discrimination slightly modified later successfully used in Latin America and other countries. It will also for the United States has yet to break through the movement - football. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Air Jordan 6 GS "green glow" will be at the end of the month sale, match the overall to simple grey and pink and green, and the color only in form of shoes sale, powder green embellishment to cool and refreshing feeling. Believe that this will be a good choice for girls in the summer. Jordan Air 6 GScement powder / Green - Grey 543390-0052016.4.30$140source: sneakerbardetroit