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0.jpg (159.07 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-2-26 15:32 upload 1.jpg (286.78 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-2-26 15:32 upload 2.jpg (330.25 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-2-26 15:32 upload Cores, cores e Mais cores EM pacote TECH RAVE ADIDAS ORIGINALS que já circula no Mercado; japon s. 〈br as="" combina&="" ccedil;="" &="" otilde;="" es="" meio="" descombinadas="" lembram="" a="" extinta="" linha="" oddity="" e="" lista="" de="" modelos="" vai="" do="" samba="" ao="" handball="" 5="" plug="" passando="" por,="" metro="" attitude,="" superstar="" zx800,="" alé="" m="" de;="" vers&="" exclusivas="" para="" elas="" grete="" waitz="" stan="" smith. 0001.jpg (28.09 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-18 09:31 upload 0002.jpg (31.22 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-18 09:31 upload 0003.jpg (34.7 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-18 09:31 upload 0004.jpg (27.76 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-18 09:31 upload 0005.jpg (34.77 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-18 09:31 upload 0006.jpg (75.3 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-1〉certainly, to a professional cycling field, a pair Cheap jordans online of choices for your car shoes can let you ride faster, and slow foot pain problems. The bicycle card shoes, fit is the most important thing, choose the key is as follows: Brand 1.: brand and grade is not absolute indicators, such as Sidi car shoes of the highest order version Ergo2 series, and not a wide foot and shoe last type, of wide foot version of the driver only very reluctantly give up Ergo2. In contrast, some of the popularity of the brand, but perhaps more suitable for your foot type, it is possible to happen. Brand shoes can only ensure quality workmanship beautiful, perfect, but can not guarantee with your foot type, even if there is a function of the styles of thermoplastic vice versa. 2. size: EU size car shoes most units, we must pay special attention to, the brand A EU43, not necessarily equal to the brand B EU43, with a ruler to measure the total length, you can see the gap. Again car shoes have another measurement unit for us, EU43 almost equal to =US9, but there are still manufacturers will be labeled as 9.5 or 8.5, this does not anything wrong or to have a strict standard of conversion, can only say is car shoes vendors fragmented. 3. width: call wide shoe last version of shoes, but the same shoe size, degree of shoe last wide there is still a gap, Shimano wide shoe last and Sidi wide shoe last. However, there are some differences. And most of the wide shoe last is refers to the soles of the feet before the third, but one-third of footing width, but no one filed, the ball of the foot cheap foamposites half the pain, but after half of the heel has may be unusually tight. 4. arch and internal rotation: like jogging shoes, cycling shoes should also have arch height difference, but it is almost more than mass production (cost of heightening) for the affordability of the brand manufacturers, therefore most rely on special insole custom manufacturers to assist. light is the four, is enough to give consumers a lot of chance, to buy is not suited to their own professional card shoes, for beginners or shoes choose experience insufficient, proposed not from the online store to buy car shoes, it is best to visit several entities car shop, try the site selection, trying several brands, try a few more types and sizes, don't be brand and appearance of perplexed. Entity car shop in the shoes of the price, although not than the Internet to buy cheap, but try the shoes on the service is online store can not do, especially for the first or second shoe car consumers purchase, try if it fits you, is the most important thing, can not be ignored.Fan: commissioning editor date: 2016-12-19 Air Mz 3 Beijing, December 19th. The Sanantonio spurs held the No. 21 Jersey ceremony for Tim Duncan. Let's review the Spurs legend's shoes on the court. Or will the The Return regression as a color name, the shoes white black red dress is quite familiar with the end of May, the Air Jordan 1 complex moment regression; "Chicago" on the upper wing of an identical nature, indicated by the the word NIKE is presented, the tongue with Nike air jordan 11 space jam for sale Air Air Jordan 2 embroidery, sole is special. It will be on it is officially sold on July 25th, selling price $150 dollars. was originally scheduled for the August 31st release of AIR JORDAN 5 "Fire Red" in North America on time listed for sale in the Chinese area there is no official news. and successive sale of two AIR JORDAN 4 has a different treatment. AIR JORDAN 4 " Green Glow" because it didn't honor the noctilucent effect, and the market repercussion is general, but Oreo's color matching AIR JORDAN 4 ", which is popular among fans, is very popular. On the one hand is the shoe itself outstanding effect, Oreo splash effect is very eye-catching, on the other hand, less volume, the market price is now more than 2000 yuan. in August 24th in the domestic sale AIR JORDAN 3 " Fear" market price of more than 1500 yuan, while the AIR JORDAN 5 " Fear" in the current market is still very rare. Black and yellow color in item: 487471-070 release date: July 4th related information:& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] leading sporting goods manufacturer Nike (Nike) The latest financial results, due to the gross margin expansion in the second quarter 2014 earnings growth rate is more than the total revenue increase fast, but the lack of future orders growing strength, fear of the impact of Nike stock. As of November 2014 to the Sange Yue, Nike net income increased 23 percent to $ 655 million, reflecting strong overall revenue growth rate and gross mar foamposites for cheap gin expansion. According to Thomson Reuters (Thomson Reuters) forecast earnings per share growth of 25 percent to 74 cents, beating analysts' estimates of 70 cents. Gross margin increased 120 basis points to 45.1%, mainly because of Nike development towards higher margin products, the continued growth of high-margin and DTC (direct-to-consumer marketing) business, as well as to benefit from moderate growth factors such as foreign exchange . Total revenue increased 15% to $ 7.4 billion. Nike brand sales rose 17 percent to $ 7 billion, in addition to golf categories of products, all types of products Jieyou growth. By existing direct distribution market is growing, as well as European and Asian markets, driven by the conversion, Converse total revenue increased 24% to $ 434 million. However, after Nike to disclose its main markets of Western Europe, although future orders will grow by 13%, but less than 15% of the expected Plateau, and its shares have dropped 2.1 percent to $ 95.08. Nike CEO Mark Parker said: "The strong growth in the second quarter data shows that Nike is a growing force in the business because we have been focused on the largest opportunities, so our product portfolio and product capabilities continue to grow up. combination of breadth and depth, season after season, year after year for Nike to bring dazzling report card. " (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: Hee-meter Mount Nick official website) f* Z N (4 _* (I- P Cheap air jordans for sale , O Nike in the year of the sale plan, Nike KD 6 obviously plays an important role. And this kind of shoe is in now custom-built shoe domain also got the favour of a lot of designers. Recently, the custom shoe design unit Sole4thesoul has released its own NikeKD 6 shoes. The new custom shoes are modeled on the classic Nike KD 4 "Weatherman" color, adding yellow and orange weather Tutu patterns to green shoes. It is worth mentioning that, Nike KD 4 "Weatherman" insole elements used in this work has been a beautiful transplant. Let's enjoy it together. 7, w*, H6, X u V) W?;1984 Paul, born in Rodriguez, has reached the peak of his life, whether in sports or business, 2002, when he got the best rookie of the year, perhaps still looking forward to his endorsement products, and to today, , his signature signature series, has come to the fifth generation. Compared to previous generation products, the latest Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V biggest progress is the use of a new Lunarlon mitigation technology, which was originally used at the bottom of various running shoes, provides more accurate ground 's information feedback, the technology used in skateboarding shoes, replaces the traditional built-in midsole skateboard shoes, allowing the soles of the feet and ground The communication between the surface or the board surface is more thorough. At the same time the use of the whole leather fabric uppers is more fit for the foot, avoid seams is not necessary for the foot injury. Finally, Nike SB takes t cheap air jordans online he Zoom the Air insole can not be missing. Innovative technology and beautiful design for Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V Nike SB series end carry flag. New shoes network ralex original works, welcome to reprint, reprinted, please indicate source Yesterday to present the next year is expected to be engraved on Air Jordan 1 MotorSports, also by car design to Air Jordan 4 also will be exposed. This continued Air Jordan 4 classic style, made of high quality leather shoes and white cover, with black and blue dotted, as part of the Remastered reconstruction series, believe it will not let you disappointed. air-jordan-iv-4-motorsport-2015-2.jpg (270.97 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 4 Motorsport 2015 engraved return 2014-12-30 09:54 upload 2015-1.jpg (261.59 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 4 Motorsport 2015 engraved return 2014-12-30 09:54 upload air-jordan-iv-4-motorsport-2015-3.jpg (251.13 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 4 Motorsport 2015 engraved return 2014-12-30 09:54 upload air-jordan-iv-4-motorsport-2015-4.jpg (286.45 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 4 Motorsport 2015 engraved return 2014-12-30 09:55 upload recently, Hengda Group R & D "purifying antibacterial deodorant shoes production line technological transformation project" by the national development and Reform Commission to support the project as the focus, become China's first national leather shoes industry project. with the global footwear industry to the development of specialization, socialization, environmental protection, China footwear resource consumption disadvantage highlights. In the industrial chain of the most low-end Chinese footwear industry urgent need to vigorously implement the technological transformation of enterprises and scientific and technological innovation, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, changing to technology intensive fashion industry. As vice president of China Leather Association unit, Hengda Group has long technological innovation as the priority among priorities of the work, each year will be 5.6% of sales revenue into research and development, has accumulated rich achievements in scientific research. The 305 national patents, 27 national standards witnessed enterprises in technological innovation strength. Relying on strong scientific research strength, Hengda Group to focus on promoting social employment, stimulating economic growth, adjusting the industrial structure ", according to the national industrial revitalization planning, planning the implementation of the" purification of antibacterial deodorant shoes production line technological transformation project". The project uses purification technology, shoe leather seamless bonding technology, space technology, waterproof breathable glass fiber mixed with rubber non slip sole material four international leading technology through the antibacterial deodorant, to achieve high value-added industrial operations of footwear products. it is understood that the four technologies are Hengda Group self-developed patented technology, which repeatedly won the provincial and national awards, and were confirmed by the provincial new scientific and technological achievements and the identification of new technology reached the international advanced level. Among them, the leather seamless bonding technology can make the utilization rate of raw materials increased to more than 17%, the technology in the country to promote the use, in accordance with each pair of shoes 1.5 square feet, the annual output of 9 billion pairs of shoes, the annual savings of up to 2 billion 290 million square feet of leather, cow skin weight per 40 square feet (equivalent to saving 57 million cows), in accordance with the per square foot of leather is calculated 25 yuan, annual savings of up to 57 billion 300 million yuan of funds. The technology can also be widely used in clothing, bags, sofa, car seat and other leather products, made a great contribution to the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, has won the "China Federation of light industry science and technology invention third-prize". "Space space waterproof breathable suture technology" in the independent research and development, integration of new thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, enables the product to achieve the dual function of waterproof and breathable, has won the "Shandong province science and technology progress prize two" honor. Through the provincial science and technology achievement and new technology of purification technology and identification of shoe glass fiber mixed with rubber non slip sole material two antibacterial deodorant technology, have reached the international advanced level. experts said, "purification of antibacterial deodorant shoes production line" project planning and implementation to break the current industry products homogenization situation, is on foot, shoes by the package)Nike Zoom Rookie LWP Memphis Blues will be officially on sale 2013-12-08 22:20:24 & nbsp; exposed before Nike Zoom Rookie LWP Memphis Blues have been identified for sale news, the overall use of this dual color Penny Hardaway on behalf of his alma mater, the University of Memphis has a great visual impact. Navy blue body with transparent crystal shoe bottom irresistible. This Nike Zoom Rookie LWP Memphis Blues will this month officially on sale August 4, so stay tuned!Ultra high cylinder design Riccardo Tisci x NikeLab brand new joint Air Zoom Legend 2016-11-14 15:41:22 Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci once again join hands with NikeLab brings a brand new joint shoes Air Zoom Legend. The shoes continue to use Tisci avant-garde design language, ultra high cylinder design with highly hierarchical heel design, bring concise avant-garde fashion flavor. At present, the shoes have been sold abroad for the first time, there is no relevant domestic market information released, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. Although Nike has Nike