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Download (178.68 KB)06-08-23 Nike Dunk - High Download (183.88 KB)06-08-23 Nike Dunk - High Download (176.91 KB)06-08-23 Nike Dunk - High Download (216.51 KB)06-08-23 Nike Dunk - High this DUNK HI theme is 1900-1940 between the American Center of the Black 5 basketball league, BLACK FIVE is the New York Black Renaissance, heels visible "RENS" pattern, tongue 5 black embroidery pattern, the color is very love.Air Jordan 2009 (2K9) - All Star Game - Chris Paul players don't note version Jordan brand for each of its 2009 annual NBA All-Star athletes are specially produced a Air Jordan 2009 players do not note edition shoes. Prior to this, NBA battle shoes Wang has introduced the Ray, Allen and Joe Johnson all star war shoes, now let's see Chris Paul AJ 2009 players do not note version. The shoes with Johnson is very similar to the white leather uppers, white satin veneer, pale red midsole and ankle deep red glass bottom, with golden color. Chris Paul has numerous double Air Jordan players special edition shoes, now Arsenal add a new weapon, only in the February 13, 2009 opening of Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale the all star week, eyebrow sword, shocking the audience. download (146.61 KB) download (373.69 KB) download (115.17 KB) download (142.96 KB)November 16, the three-day Olympic NBA basketball Caravan activities in Quanzhou successfully concluded, passionate Let the fun game weekend Fortress Square boiling to the most HIGH! For three days, thousands of basketball fans personally feel the unique charm from the NBA, the free-throw line dunk, dunk 360-degree turn, fancy dribbling, shooting rapid succession of tricks to make the game a lot of the audience hooked, but this Slam Dunk station is also the last day of the race turned out. This wonderful basketball carnival also allows the promotion of the Olympic brand new start another climax. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; entered Quanzhou Fortress Square, he was attracted to that luxury caravan of up to 16 meters, and voices within the site is extremely exciting. Among them, the most popular is the Olympic effort to build fancy and NBA slam dunk contest. Shane Battier made a pair of boots in front of the Olympic picture dress tent, q cheap foamposites for sale ueuing crowd enough to have tens of meters away, has been extended to fast on the road. Everyone waiting in line at the registration tent and watch before the Olympic fancy dunk contest. Who will win the race to get Battier provided by Pick 'boots. " In fancy dunk competition, Zheng Meng won the final dunk champion, he excitedly told reporters: "Today, at the site have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a handful of NBA, I am very excited, very happy and very grateful to the Olympic - our own brand! We will give atmosphere to the NBA Quanzhou, and to create a stage show themselves for us fans! feeling in the air flying is simply too cool, as long as you have the confidence, the courage to challenge, it will be successful! ICANPLAY! " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the NBA basketball caravan organized by China's first brand of Olympic show. NBA venue including the staff, the staff of the caravan, attended a basketball carnival of fans dressed in Olympic basketball caravan and specially designed T-shirt: NBA logo, Caravan Pictures and Olympic LOGO together. Peak activity this year jordan 3 katrina 2018 will enter the NBA caravan 26 cities, up to 16 meters of red bike basketball caravan will travel around the country tens of thousands of kilometers. Every city, attracts tens of thousands of fans devotion of basketball carnival activities. "It has become a mobile advertising vehicle, the Olympic, NBA's image spread to hundreds of millions of fans." Many reporters the scene all by this new form of propagation of shock. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In recent years, there have been more than ten Chinese brands become the NBA partners. NBA NBA caravan activity is actually a few years in the Chinese market partners and specially planned landing a brand promotion activities. After all, the NBA market in the United States, even though in recent years continue to hold the NBA China Games, but in the Chinese market as an NBA contract partners alone these games is clearly not enough to promote the brand. So, NBA caravan became the NBA found a sponsor for China in the Chinese market branding opportunities. "This is a popular brand promotion methods in recent years." Brand Research Center of Peking Un Cheap foamposites for sale iversity Dr. Liu Xin said, "In the past relies entirely on pure advertising, and now with the economic development and public advertising, brand communication further understanding, pure advertising can not achieve the best results. advertising, public relations and brand promotion activities became Trinity branding method. In this year's Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic center in the region on a specially planned area, called the sponsor showcase Zones are specially planned for the Olympic sponsors in the area, Olympic sponsors can be set in this area stand to hold activities to show their own brand, which is currently the most innovative brand communication method. "Indeed, during the Olympic Games can be seen, Sponsors in the Olympic central area of ??the display area, Lenovo, OMEGA, Johnson & Johnson, GE and all other Olympic sponsors have held a number of brand promotion activities during the Olympics. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "We hope that through such practical activities for fans of basketball venues and provide the stage, let the fans feel happy basketball." Said Xu Zhihua, cheap jordans for sale general manager of China Peak. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; not blindly focus on commercial interests, but to foster the basketball market as its mission, the Olympic development has been fundamental. "This is benign, the long-term development strategy, not only focus on immediate, but develop the market, so that not only promote the brand, and to obtain a long-term development, but also expand the basketball market." Liu Xin Road. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; caravan just as Olympic sponsor Olympic basketball Nets NBA and WNBA as in terms of written and help the development of Chinese basketball, basketball is also to cultivate the market. "As a Chinese basketball brand, only to cultivate good Chinese basketball market, bigger basketball market, brand development is the ultimate way out. At this point, we as a business responsibilities and the Chinese basketball as manager. "Xu Zhihua said. recently Nike Roshe run seems to go to stamp upper direction development, though, and Adidas ZX flux photo printing technology compared, Roshe run printing is much simpler, but also many surprises. The bl cheap jordans ack color brings NikeRoshe Run orchid, other natural streamline safflower greenery have a unique sense of fashion. There is no specific information available. source: Sneakernews(PRODUCT) RED is a charitable organization, and the promoter is U2 of Bono. It often cooperates with internationally famous brands. In CONVERSE and RED (PRODUCT) after many years of cooperation today, due to the acquisition of NIKE, by NIKE (PRODUCT) and RED cooperation, seems to have no ground for blame. As a sport brand worthy of the big brother, Nike has always been praised for its performance in public service. Recently again with the famous charity organization (PRODUCT) RED jointly launched a new Nike ACG Zoom Meriwether, this shoe is not as well known to us suede material as the main material, but with a smooth black leather as raw material, the red shoes waterproof zipper design laces, red, red and white decoration on the bottom, are so bright and eye-catching. This section is expected to go on sale in December 1st, while the sale is a black jacket and a black and red color of the backpack, love friends can pay close attention to our follow-up reports. Download (95.62 KB)adidas Originals Blue's first release 2011 winter quarter commodity preview and focus on shoes, in an attempt to set up the street shoes into more modern fashion atmosphere as the priority, and see which refers to the serrated series of elements Tech in some OT. This time we've seen the Hardland, Hi, MEGA, Hardland, Low, Azzie, Mid, and 4Bits equations. Interested friends can pay attention to it.Lunar technology is added to the Nike above is not casual, after Nike Lunar Air Force 1 Nike Lunar sold, perhaps this time the Blazer will be amazing in 2013, this new product is a sample shoes, shoes Nike Blazer shoes classic white leather particles as the main body, collocation of obsidian big Swoosh, grape burst lines and honeycomb heel decoration, royal blue Lunar technology is full of comfort and visual impact. This section of shoes is now available on the eBay dballaholic, like friends can pay attention to. 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (393.43, KB) 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (381.59, KB) 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (471.64, KB) 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (476.82, KB) 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (500.29, KB) 2013-2-19 upload and download attachments at 10:39 (494.35, KB) 2012-5-25 upload and download attachments at 18:36 (56.92, KB) American street skateboard brand Vans will be in the fall of 2012 series of OTW brought "Alcon" shoes, "Alcon" can be said to be a modified version of OTW Alomar's shoes, extended toe design, and reduces the upper ankle part of the filling material, make the shoes look more slender, the "Alcon" shoes, there are two versions, including one with a black leather shoes, collocation of wool fabric toe, another is using a black canvas material, lightweight design simple and I believe we can get love.officially on sale in January 30th, priced at $$275, visual but also a pair of super popular boutique shoes, it is worth looking forward to! item: 834825-250 release date: January 30thAbout our contact, privacy policy, advertising, Recruitment Information 2016LONG7.COM, ALL, RIGHTS, RESERVED / POWERED, BY, LONG7, PROFESSIONAL, SNEAKER, MEDIA, Shanghai, ICP, ready for No. "Adorable God" curry ushered in his 29 birthday, Under Armour send him a birthday special edition of Under Curry 3 and Armour Curry 3 Low PE "Dubfetti" as the theme, color is a continuation of the previous style, with yellow, blue and white collocation, printed on the insole "SC" and the birthday candle pattern, theme. Gossip less Syria, together to appreciate the beauty of these two pairs of shoes.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; through official US confirmation Nike, Beijing Customs has seized 31 pairs of fake Nike shoes, is infringing goods. This morning, the Beijing Customs announced that at this year seized infringement cases since the first article of footwear. According to Beijing Customs statistics, since the beginning of this year, we have seized various types of 12 cases suspected of infringing intellectual property rights. Since this year, it has been protected, "Pfizer", "Sony", "Lancome" "Montblanc" and other famous international brands trademark.